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By Dr. Briseida Xhelaj (MD. MPH. PhD.)

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Career Development

Provided guidance and support to mentees in their career development journey, helping them set goals and create actionable plans.

Leadership Coaching

Mentored individuals in developing their leadership skills, providing feedback and guidance to help them become effective leaders.

a man sitting in a chair looking at his cell phone
a man sitting in a chair looking at his cell phone
Entrepreneurship Mentoring

Guided aspiring entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses, providing advice and insights based on personal experience.

Personal Growth

Supported mentees in their personal growth and self-improvement, helping them overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

Helped individuals achieve a healthy work-life balance, providing strategies and support to manage stress and prioritize personal well-being.

white ipad on white table
white ipad on white table
Academic Mentorship

Assisted students in their academic journey, providing guidance on study techniques, time management, and career planning.

Work-Life Balance

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